Texas Renaissance Festival - Houston

So I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission Texas. It is a about an hour from Houston. I was invited by a friend who goes every year and is very adamant about it. Initially I was hesitant thinking about the field trip or two that I took when I was in school, I don't remember it being so fun, eventually she talked me into going.


I had taken the time to look at photos from previous years and it looked amazing and me being a photographer I was ecstatic about the idea of being able to photograph many different people in costume all in one day.

The Day of, once we arrived I must say it did not disappoint, right from the start seeing so many people in costume was great. I started walking around getting a feel for things and taking pictures here and there.

I had so much fun that the following weekend I went back for the barbarian invasion weekend, that one just as exciting as the first weekend.


If you have not had the opportunity to check it out, get a few friends together and head out there before the season is over and you never know, you may run into me!


Below are some of the pictures I took. I will also post other ones my different social media pages, so head over and say hello on your favorite picture.